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Art classes by ARTISANS WORKSHOPS IN SIENA (they could also be visited, see below)

CERAMICS: Participants will learn the techniques needed to create an object using the potters wheel (throwing), casting, mandrino, firing objects in the kiln and finally decoration using the ancient techniques of Sienese potters and Renaissance maiolica.The courses will be taught by the Master (Maestro) of Arts, Fabio Neri, with the assistance of his father, Marcello Neri. At the end of longer courses, each participant will have designed and realized his/her own work.

LITHOGRAPHY AND PRINTMAKING: this class will be run by two young Sienese artists, one on the teaching staff of the Accademia di Belle Arti of Brera, in Milan, and the other from a state art academy in Imperia.The class will take place in a famous 12th century castle near Siena. Students will learn Copper Plate Engraving :knowledge of the materials and basic techniques, like etching and aquatint, necessary to create a print.
Then Lithography: illustration/explanation of lithographic materials and techniques and execution of a individual lithograph.

GOLDSMITH/JEWELLERY/GEMOLOGY: basic technique of jewellery.

PAINTING: the classes given by the artist include basic drawing theory and life drawing sessions for beginners.
The classes follow the learning of painting techniques required by the student (water colors, acrylics, oils etc). A special emphasis will be given to the understanding of the structure of composition (whether it is figurative or abstract) and to the learning of brush and/or palette knife work.
The classes will take place at the studio of the artist which is located in the outskirts of the historical center of Siena, easily reachable either on foot or by bus.

PAINTING(classic technique)

Drawing: basic techniques (charcoal, graphite pencil, sanguigna-red coute); watercolor technique; realistic representations and landscapes.

Fresco (not yet available): knowledge of specific materials and colors used; execution of a fresco on a fired base; the technique of strappo to reproduce the fresco onto a canvas.

PAINTING (MODERN technique) by Carlo Pizzichini: All modern techniques by a great contemporary visual artist.

ANTIQUE FURNITURE RESTORATION: the student, while learning the traditional techniques under the guidance of the artisans, will each construct a project of their choice such as a wood frame, cast candles, or hand made and decorated wallpaper.

SCULPTURE by Alberto Inglesi: the course will synthesize the artistic creativity and manual craftsmanship of sculptural work. The student has the option to create his or her own piece, from sketch to finishing touches, using marble, wood, stamping, bronze sheets, steel or iron.

STAINED GLASS: our artisan will describe the various aspects of working with lead glass, fusing, window restoration, sandblasting and the installation of stained glass windows. The course will teach the practical skills (from the selection and cutting of the glass to the soldering and cementing process) that are involved in the construction of a small handmade stained glass piece. It is an ideal opportunity to access the secrets of this artform which appear in the windows of so many of our basilicas.
SILK PAINTING and BATIK: these are some of our most interesting courses. Silk painting has several techniques, from acquarell-style, to the traditional use of gutta. For the batik decoration, the technique we use and teach is the typical one of liquid wax applied over the cloth following a precise painting scheme.

ANTIQUE TEXTILES RESTORATION: from 2000 B.C. to nowadays Andean weaving techniques have not changed passing from one generation to the other: the traditional clothes are woven with simple and rudimental back-strap loom using natural fibres spun by hand and dyed with natural colours. The reason of the survival of this textile tradition is due to the great importance of textiles and weaving art in the Andean cultural context.
The ancient weaving course gives the opportunity to the participants to understand the Andean thought and ideology by learning contemporary techniques, in the same way as Incan descendents, mainly "females", learnt and learn the foundation of their culture.

ARTISTIC BOOKBINDING: in this course, students will learn how to assemble a book from the beginning: assembling the section and sewing, cutting boards and covering them, lining spines, making a cloth or leather spine, headbands, setting in endpapers. If necessary, instructions will also be given on how to "knock down" an old book ready for re-binding.
ILLUMINATION: course for painting and illuminating letters with egg tempera and gold leaf.


VISIT ARTISAN'S WORKSHOPS IN SIENA : It is also possible to visit the workshops of artisans, to catch any secrets they would like to share



Our courses can have variable durations and programs:
Single day course (3 hours) Prices from 90 €
a description of the historical and cultural background of the art or craft; presentation and description of tolls and materials that are to be used in the course; safety precautions; demonstrations of basic techniques and main facets of executing, and producing and presenting a finished product. In some courses (painting, drawing,...) you will be able to create your own work.
3 or more days course
a description of the historical and cultural background of the art or craft; brief presentation of creating a product from start to finish; description and instruction on the use and safety of principal tools and materials; instructions and descriptions of the basic techniques, helpful hints and realization of a work; execution of a work with instructor's help.
More days of the course will allow further in-depth study on the individual topics and execution of a more complex work and will be customised to meet the needs of the participants, based on their specific goals and level of expertise




Please note
The participants of our courses, regardless of course duration, are in no way accredited with any form of legal certification, either educational or professional. The courses are given to provide an appreciation and knowledge of our artists, of our artisan's studios and of their work.
Each participant of our courses is covered by insurance against the possibility, however improbable, of injury that could occur to them in the hosting workshop.
Every participant, upon enrolment in a course, is required to sign a formal agreement stating that he or she agrees to follow all directions and safety precautions given by the instructors of the course.
The objective of the courses, of 9 or more hours, is to teach an understanding of the craft and to allow the participant to create his or her own project. Each course is specifically designed by the individual instructor to allow the participants the time and provide the skills required to produce a finished piece. So, failure to complete this work is the sole responsibility of the participant and will not result in any form of refund of the course fee.
In the event that the artist or artisan, in circumstances beyond his or her control, is unable to give the course to those who have enrolled and paid to participate, Corsano will do its best to provide a suitable and appropriate substitute. In situations where this is not possible, Corsano will refound the individual participants enrolled in the course the full amount of the course fee. All other personal and travel costs are not included in this refund.
The free space reserved for children under the age of 10 for the visits obliges the parent or guardian to ensure that the presence of the child/children does not cause any disturb to the studio or interfere with the proper and successful execution of the visits.

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