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The evolution of language from original latin has been slow and gradual. The fist form of modern Italian dates back a thousand years. Dante, Petrarca and Boccaccio are well known for their writings. The consequent evolution merge itself with art and history.

The classes could be adjusted to your level.

The courses, lasting al least three lessons of two hours each, will be held by qualified Italian teachers and can be individual or group, general and specialized (music language, business language, tourism language, literature language). This course is dedicated to those who want to bring themselves closer to our language. It will provide an opportunity to absorb the fundamental phonetics, morphology and syntax. The lessons (except in bad weather) will be held outdoors in the attractive atmosphere of the Sienese countryside, with an opportunity to visit historic locations and art usually neglected by traditional tourist itineraries. For those who already have a knowledge of Italian language there will be readings and commentaries of some of the most famous passages of Italian literature


Prices (euros per person) 3 lessons minimum - 2 hours each lesson
Italian Language Lessons 1 participant
Italian Language Lessons 2 participants
Italian Language Lessons 3 participants
Italian Language Lessons +4 participants



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