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For a wedding, a party, or during and after a relaxing dinner our live music option.

Download mp3 sample demos

Jazz Trio/Quartet/Quintet or Single Guitar

Sample 1
Sample 2

These are a couple of original composition by Corsano preferred favourite trio. Other groups use to perform in their concert alternating original and standards

Sample 3
Sample 4

Classical String Trio/Quartet/Quintet, Piano, Violin, Guitar, Voices

Sample 1 (Charade, Mancini)
Sample 2 (Torna a Surriento)

This samples are just a simple guitar/violin duo. Any piece or sonata could be performed easily combinig instruments, especially:all ancient (renaissance,baroque)
Sample 3 (renaissance)
Sample 4 (renaissance)
Sample 6
Sample 7
Sample 8
Sample 9 (harp)

-contemporary-viennese valzer-musical-neapolitan songs-italian songs etc..


Typical Tuscan three old men playing and singing old songs with accordion/guitar/mandolin

A latino dancing group for weddings and unusal nights

Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

A dj with modern technologies and amplifiers for disco/parties.

Dj all round contemporary
Dj specific black/funky/soul
Dj latin/american

Modern international pop/dance singers, suitable for weddings. Their repertory is unlimited.

Sample 0
Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3

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