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Corsano offers their clents the possibility of personalized professional health and remedial treatments to be enjoyed during their stay.

The treatments could be: Shiatsu massages, anti-stress massages, reflexology, postural re-balancing, harmonic movement and energetic movement.


SHIATSU (individual)
Well-being through Relaxation and Regeneration

Shiatsu is a Japanese art which, like acupuncture, stimulates and balances the body's energy through the use of natural pressure applied to the meridians and the reflected areas of the body. Shiatsu helps to combat stress, muscular tensions, strengthens the weaker areas, and regulates the functions of the internal organs, including the immune system The practicioner uses techniques of elongation, massage and structural relaxation. Through touch they are able to activate the innate mechanism of rebalancing in the patient, which brings about a great feeling of well-being in the body, mind and spirit.


The patient must learn to run their own body in order to restore serenity and well-being.This massage is based on the use of several techniques, including shiatsu and foot reflexology. The pressure applied and the alternating therapies used depend on the specific needs of the patient .An energetic, painless pressure stimulates and elongates the body. Stress creates a continuous contraction of the muscles that can shorten and bend them. For this reason, every localised contraction is a sign of a certain type of stress.
During the entire treatment, the masseur synchronizes his or her breathing with that of the patient and works slowly in order to bring about calm and tranquillity.

HARMONISED MOVEMENT (individual or for groups)
Hatha Yoga uses the study of numerous positions, breathing techniques, relaxation and concentration, to introduce and prepare us for Yoga's widest and purest aim: the union of mind and body.Functional Yoga enters into this ancient discipline with a modern approach based on scientific knowledge of anatomical functions.This exploration ranges fromfocussing on a wide range of movement to the awareness of the smallest parts of our bodies in motion.The aim is to learn to move, to breathe, and to relax in any condition and within any relationship with the environment.This is a method which addresses anyone who wishes to explore and improve their range and ability of movement. It compliments any type of sport or physical activity.Yoga, as well as being easily integrated into our daily lives, is also a path of precise scientific research which accompanies us in our knowledge of our deepest human nature.

FOOT REFLEXOLOGY (individual) is an ancient diagnostic and therapeutic method developed in the Orient over 3,000 years ago.Physical equilibrium means perfect energy and blood flow. This flow is maintained at its highest levels through impulses in the nervous system that are carried to the periferal areas of our bodies. This equilibrium can be interrupted by our old daily enemy, stress. All of our organs, in varying degrees, are effected.Reflexology works through the stimulation of specific areas of the foot, and is helpful in reducing stress, improving circulation, and unblocking energy paths. This is the key term for all reflexology theories: energy paths. According to this theory, each specific area of the foot corresponds to an organ of the human body. To better understand this axiom, imagine the human body divided along vertical lines, the energy lines that start from the internal organs and run to the limbs.The organs and blood vessels that are on the same line influence each other, and in the presence of any type of anomaly, all of the parts are involved and not only the one ailing part.A strong but pleasant finger pressure is applied on these specific areas to help the principal organ and all of the organ that are on that same line. It is the simplicity of this therapy that makes it so interesting and effective.

POSTURAL REBALANCING Feldenkrais Method (individual or for groups)

According to Postural Rebalancing and the Feldenkrais Method, posture is seen as dynamic and vital.The concept of posture refers to the way in which we assume an antigravitational position rather than to how that position appears. These ways correspond to the result of learning and the history of one's life, including: motor scheme, state of mind, emotional tensions, etc.Good posture means minimum effort and maximum freedom of movement.Moreover, posture reflects the character and habits of the person and coincides with his way of acting and expressing his or herself. We cannot consider working on posture without keeping in mind the patient's entire world.In the erect position, balance requires a continuous activity of adaptation and modification of the physical-spacial relationships between bones, muscles, tissues, and internal organs. Improvement of posture is therefore closely tied to a complex equilibrium of nervous system, bone and muscle system, bodily functions and environment.Postural Rebalancing must stimulate and develop the natural ability to improve that is inherent in man. Contrary to popular thought, the method does not attempt to improve one's posture, but to permit the body to spontaneously modify its inefficient organization.This system uses the prerogative of human beings to learn, and to learn to learn, through a natural, organic procedure.

ENERGETIC MOVEMENT (individual or for groups)

The energetic movement (Qi Gong) is an easy low impact exercise that can be practiced at any age. It is an excellent way to relieve stress, foster good health, and increase our physical and mental capabilities.
Though not intended as a substitute for prescribed psychotherapy or medical treatment, recent studies show that Chi Gung can restore health to all body functions because of its action on the nervous fibers. In the ancient Chinese tradition, "Chi" (or Qi) means "internal energy, breath of life": a unified force which has unlimited capacity for expression, fundamental in all Perennial Tradition schools. Chi Gung (Qi Gong) is the art that teaches us how to master this energy. It integrates Chinese healing with Taoist meditation and gentle movements.
Chi Gung is a remarkably enjoyable system of exercises that greatly helps us to know our body and its forgotten capabilities. It balances the whole of our being, increases our Chi and teaches how to feel it and master it. It also greatly helps to free us from tensions, therefore facilitating a better harmony with nature.


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